Catawba River Artisans      
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Catawba River Artisans                      Belmont, NC

Eclectic Group of Artisans




          Charles Austin                                                         Paintings    

      Jim and Doris Biscardi                       Paintings and Pottery

          (Jim Biscardi - President)

     Renee Clemmer                                                          Pottery

     David and Lynette Demperio             Jewelry, Mixed Media

          (Lynette Demperio - Vice President)

     Mindy Easler                                                          1450 Glass

     Pat Groome                                                                 Mosaics

          (Pat Groome - Treasurer)

     Chris and Nancy Hertz              Paintings, Music, Publishing

(Nancy Hertz - Secretary)

    Jan Homan                                              Metalsmith/Jewelry

    Barry Lockman                                             Salt-fired Pottery

     Lorene Lovell                                                            Watercolor

    Tom Pacheco and Bonita Lowe    Photography and Painting

    Bob Sokol                                              Wood Designs, Poetry


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