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Barry Lockman




Barry has been making pots at  his shop near Dallas, North Carolina since 1973. He digs and enhances a  local clay. He also  uses minerals and other materials found in Gaston and Lincoln counties for glazes and slips.  His production includes wheel thrown  pots  such as coffee cups, large mugs, casseroles, bowls,  teapots, vases,  plates,  platters, vases,  &  trays.  All pots are single  fired in a  74 cubic foot sprung arch kiln fueled with # 2  diesel oil. Above cone 5 he adds wood and salt.

As a student at Gaston College he met Michael Cardew who probably has most greatly influenced  his  approach to clay. Mr.  Cardew at Gaston presented  Ladi Kwali who made a pot in the African tradition by walking around  her work.

He worked with Jack Sexton and Grace Carr at JS Pottery.

Ben Davison encouraged Barry to salt fire and designed his salt kiln.

“Nature creates beauty all around us fresh daily. I aspire to capture some of that beauty and freshness in  my pots.” - Barry

Barry is featured the month of November in ElectricIties 2016 calendar. This calendar features artist/crafts people from 66 small North Carolina towns.  An article about Barry's pottery was published in the June 2016 issue of Gaston Alive magazine.


                                             Website:      Lockman

                                             Purchase Barry’s pottery:

                                                    Gaston County Museum of Art and History, Dallas, N C.

                                                    Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, N C

                                                    Kings Mountain Art Center  (Southern Arts Society),  Kings Mountain, N C

                                                    Parker Jewelry and Art Gallery 

                                                    Southern Charm Winery   Lincolnton, N C 

Meet the Maker: Lockman Pottery
In the Gaston County town of Dallas, potter Barry Lockman uses local materials to create artwork influenced by the natural world around him.

Please view the article written by K McKay and view the video


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