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Nancy was profoundly influenced by her Grandmother and Father, both very gifted artists. She has followed in their footsteps through  painting mostly in the realism style, concentrating on Portraits of people and their animal family members. Her work is all over the country. She  also loves fine jewelry and gemstones and the properties of the various crystals and gems. Her combination of raw gemstones, findings, metals,  colors and textures makes each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure. The particular stones and colors give off a frequency that can resonate with an  individual and perhaps bring about a feeling of enjoyment and comfort. The combinations are seemingly random, but are actually well thought  out. 
Nancy is also a published author of a new book titled, Broken Stone: A Real Fairy's Tale. It is a mystical tale based in this area,  highlighting an actual young lady named Fairy Bright Gordon born in the early 1900's, whom is buried in a Charlotte city cemetery.

Chris is an accomplished Artist and Musician.  He was a child prodigy, playing drums at age two keeping a beat to Elvis and other artists.  In addition, he is a skillful Guitarist and Singer. He has played music across the country, sometimes opening for well known bands. Chris has  even recorded in Nashville. His home studio reverberates with all manner of music in which he plays and sings every part. An architect by trade  he is thoroughly creative in many ways. 

Chris latest adventure is an other-wordly CD entitled Broken Stone Suite to co-ordinate with Nancy's book. He has also unpacked his  paint brushes and is back to water color painting.

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